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Photo of Erricolo, Danilo

Danilo Erricolo


Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Building & Room:

1111 SEO


851 S. Morgan St, MC 154, Chicago, IL 60607

Office Phone:



Research Interests

  • Wireless communications: Methods for the propagation of the electromagnetic field in complex environments, ray tracing, full-duplex communications
  • Radar systems: Ground penetrating radar, Radio Frequency Tomography, Propagation models of the electromagnetic field in complex environments, Inversion methods for inverse scattering problems, Multipath effects
  • Antenna design: Vector antennas for direction of arrival applications and/or improved communication channel capacity
  • Computation of special functions: Maliuzhinets functions, Mathieu functions, Oblate and prolate spheroidal functions
  • Electromagnetic scattering: High-frequency methods: Physical Optics, Geometrical Theory of Diffraction, Uniform Theory of Diffraction, Incremental Theory of Diffraction; Analytical solutions of canonical scattering problems
  • Electromagnetic measurements: Measurement of antenna properties, Measurements to validate electromagnetic scattering theories
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: Interaction of high-power ultrawideband electromagnetic pulses (HEMP) with digital systems, Electromagnetic shielding, Penetration of electromagnetic fields into cavities
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Fast computation of the distribution of the radiofrequency field (B1 ) in ultra-high MRI applications, Fast computation of temperature effects due to the radiofrequency field (B1 )


Selected Publications

  1. Paolo Rocca, Pietro Da Rù, Nicola Anselmi, Marco Salucci, Giacomo Oliveri, Danilo Erricolo, Andrea Massa, “On The Design Of Modular Reflecting EM Skin for Enhanced Urban Wireless Coverage,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagationaccepted, 2022, doi: 10.1109/TAP.2022.3146870.  (web)
  2. Yangqing Liu, Shuo Han, Francesco Soldovieri, Danilo Erricolo, “An Approximation of 2D Inverse Scattering Problems from a Convex Optimization Perspective,” IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, Vol. 19, pp.1-5, 2022, Art. No. 8012305, doi: 10.1109/LGRS.2021.3079885.  (web)
  3. Alan Salari, Danilo Erricolo, “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for High-Frequency Measurements,” IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, Vol. 64, no. 1, pp. 39-49, Feb. 2022, doi: 10.1109/MAP.2021.3061026.  (web)
  4. Tadahiro Negishi, Gianluca Gennarelli, Francesco Soldovieri, Yangqing Liu, Danilo Erricolo, “Radio Frequency Tomography for Non-Destructive Testing of Pillars,” IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol. 58, No. 6, pp. 31916-3926, Jun. 2020, doi:,  (UIC)
  5. Seiran Khaledian, Farhad Farzami, Hamza Soury, Besma Smida, Senior, and Danilo Erricolo, “Active Two-Way Backscatter Modulation: An Analytical Study,” IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communication, Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 1874-1886, Mar. 2019. (web)
  6. Yijing He, Yue Li, Liang Zhu, Hakan Bagci, Danilo Erricolo, and Pai-Yen Chen, “Waveguide Dispersion Tailoring by using Embedded Impedance Surface,” Physical Review Applied, Vol. 10, no. 6, pp. 064024, Dec. 2018, doi:,
  7. Seiran Khaledian, Farhad Farzami, Besma Smida, Danilo Erricolo, “Inherent self-interference cancellation for in-band full-duplex single-antenna,” IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 66, no. 6, pp. 2842-2850, June 2018. (web,
  8. Pawan Setlur, Tadahiro Negishi, Natasha Devroye, Danilo Erricolo, “Multipath Exploitation in Non-LOS Urban Synthetic Aperture Radar,” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, Special Issue on Non-cooperative Localization Networks,” Vol. 8, No. 1, Feb. 2014, pp. 137-152, doi 10.1109/JSTSP.2013.2287185. (web,
  9. Harun T. Hayvaci, Antonio De Maio, Danilo Erricolo, “Improved Detection Probability of a Radar Target in the Presence of Multipath with Prior Knowledge of the Environment,” IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation, Vol. 7 (1), 2013, pp. 36-46. (web,
  10. Giuseppe Carluccio, Christopher M. Collins, Danilo Erricolo, “A fast, analytically-based method to optimize local transmit efficiency for a transmit array,” Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 14 FEB 2013, DOI: 10.1002/mrm.24653. (web,
  11. Giuseppe Carluccio, Danilo Erricolo, Sukhoon Oh, Christopher M. Collins, “An Approach to Rapid Calculation of Temperature Change in Tissue Using Spatial Filters to Approximate Effects of Thermal Conduction”, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 60, No. 6, June 2013, pp. 1735-41, doi: 10.1109/TBME.2013.2241764. (web,
  12. Lorenzo Lo Monte, Danilo Erricolo, Francesco Soldovieri, Michael C. Wicks, “Radio Frequency Tomography for Tunnel Detection,” IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol. 48, No. 3, Mar. 2010, pp. 1128-1137. (web,
  13. Tadahiro Negishi, Vittorio Picco, Douglas Spitzer, Danilo Erricolo, Giorgio Carluccio, Federico Puggelli and Matteo Albani, “Measurements to Validate the UTD Triple Diffraction Coefficient,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol. 62, No. 7, July 2014, pp. 3723-3730. (web,
  14. Danilo Erricolo and Giuseppe Carluccio, “Algorithm 934: Fortran 90 subroutines to compute Mathieu functions for complex values of the parameter,” Association for Computing Machinery Transactions on Mathematical Software, Volume 40 Issue 1, Sept. 2013. (web,
  15. Danilo Erricolo, Giuseppe D’Elia, Piergiorgio L. E. Uslenghi, “Measurements on scaled models of urban environments and comparisons with ray-tracing propagation simulation,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol. 50, No. 5, May 2002, pp. 727-735.  (web

Professional Leadership

Editor-in-Chief, Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2016 - present, IEEE

Elected, Administrative Committee, Antennas and Propagation Society, 2012-2014, IEEE

Chair, IEEE Chicago Chapter of the Antennas and Propagation/Microwave Theory and Techniques Societies, 2011-2016, IEEE

Chair, USNC-URSI Commission E - Electromagnetic Environment and Interference, 2009-2011, United States National Committee of the International Union of Radio Science (USNC-URSI), a committee of the US National Academies

Notable Honors

2017, University of Illinois Scholar, University of Illinois System

2018, President's Executive Leadership Program, University of Illinois System

2018, Faculty-Administrator Leadership Program, University of Illinois at Chicago

2016, Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

2021, Fellow, Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Laurea of Doctor in Electronics Engineering, summa cum laude, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

Intellectual Property

“Self-interference cancellation for in-band full duplex single antenna communication systems,” US patent number 11,356,235, published on June 7, 2022.