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Sudip K. Mazumder building a better onboard vehicle electronic charger

Professor Sudip K. Mazumder was awarded a grant to develop an improved onboard electric vehicle battery-powered electronic charger. The integrated high-efficiency, high-density gallium nitride charger will have a high specific power and could drastically reduce the charging time for electric vehicles.

Traditionally, high specific power typically results in reduced specific energy, something Mazumder is working to overcome.

The improvements to the charger will be achieved via two mechanisms: one that will develop a radically new charger with integrated intelligent driver and switching transition control, which will help reduce electromagnetic interference noise, and a new loss-mitigating multilevel power converter technology.

“If the foundational on-board charger technology is found to be feasible, then it has the potential to radically reduce the charging time for electric vehicles, which, in turn, implies longer range of operation for the vehicle,” Mazumder said.

Mazumder is working with the semiconductor industry to achieve this goal. He received $310,000 from the National Science Foundation in support of his work. This is his eleventh concurrent grant. The work will be carried out at the Laboratory for Energy & Switching- Electronic Systems, which is currently engaged in developing a high-power silicone carbide-based offboard electric vehicle battery supercharger.