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Sudip K. Mazumder awarded prestigious paper award from IEEE

Professor Sudip K. Mazumder co-received a Second Place Prize Paper Award from the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, the world’s leading power electronics journal. His paper, Integrated Magnetics Design for a Three-Phase Differential-Mode Rectifier, was coauthored with his Ph.D. students Moien Mohamadi (first author) and Nikhil Kumar (third author).

IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (TPEL) published 14,350 pages: 1,233 regular papers, letters, and correspondences, and had 2,718 original submissions and 1,389 revisions in 2021, the year the paper was submitted.

“The selection of the paper is a high honor and a tribute to the fine research quality, presentation, and potential impact that the research has to the field,” said Yaow-Ming Chen and Yunwei (Ryan) Lee, editor-in-chiefs of IEEE TPEL Transaction and Letter, respectively.

In their article, Mazumder and his students discuss the design methodology of integrated magnetics (IM) for a three-phase, differential-mode Ĉuk rectifier (DMCR).

Power converters often require numerous magnetic components with varying functions and combining them to form IM reduces both the number of components and current and voltage ripples. Due to this, IM has been used for many different power-electronic-system applications.

Mazumder has a 2016 U.S. patent, and a pending U.S. patent on a related converter. The IM-based DMCR technology is being pursued as a technology option for electric vehicle chargers. The design of their IM optimizes inductor current ripple, total harmonic distortion of the input current, and magnetics loss, without compromising the stability of the rectifier.

“We are focused on alternating current to direct current conversion and use the coupling factor of the IM as a control, to achieve reduced input total harmonic distortion and converter stability while achieving higher efficiency and reduced footprint for the rectifier,” Mazumder said.

Winners of the award will be announced at the prestigious IEEE ECCE Conference in Detroit, which runs from October 9-13, and all award winners will be published in the January 2023 issue of the transaction.