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Chase promoted to assistant professor

Zizwe Chase

Zizwe Chase was promoted from postdoctoral researcher to assistant professor through  UIC’s Bridge to the Faculty program, a university-wide program that provides postdoctoral experience for candidates from underrepresented backgrounds, to the position of assistant professor. Chase joined UIC in 2021.

“My Bridge to the Faculty experience was great,” Chase said. “It allowed me to acclimate to my current position.”

Chase, a chemist and chemical engineer by training, works in materials science and laser optics. His research interests include topics in chemistry and physics. He is interested in using various spectroscopic techniques to probe interfacial regions and nanomaterials.

Currently, he is working with fellow ECE faculty Thomas Searles and Daniela Tuninetti on developing quantum courses, through a Department of Energy grant, that aims to train the next generation of quantum engineers. UIC leads this national effort.

“UIC is strategically and geographically positioned to be one of the centers in the hub of quantum technology,” Chase said.

He continues his work on photonic systems with topographical insulators, metamaterials, and carbon nanotubes. He is also beginning work with polaritonic chemistry, which exploits strong light-matter coupling between molecules and confined electronic field modes, to enable new chemical reactivities.

Prior to joining UIC, Chase spent three years as a postdoctoral researcher at Howard University. He earned his PhD in chemical engineering from Washington State University. Chase holds a bachelor’s degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in chemical engineering, and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Morehouse College.

This fall, Chase is teaching ECE 540, Physics of Semiconductor Devices.