Student Profiles

Anastasiia Rozhkova

Anastasiia R.

Electrical and Computer Engineering, PhD ’21 | Moscow, Russia

Why did you choose UIC? UIC’s position in university ratings shows that it’s a good school with a wide range of research opportunities. The College of Engineering is one of the biggest schools with a good variety of educational programs. It is famous for its diversity, which is reflected in a large number of international students enrolled in PhD programs.

What is your academic focus within your department? I focus on electromagnetics. This area covers many problems and concepts based on applications of electromagnetic fields.

How (and why) did you choose your faculty advisor? The first thing I paid attention to was our similar research interests. My advisor is a great researcher and faculty member.

Place you’re most likely to be found on campus, and why: I was given a desk in a shared research lab last year, so I started spending much time there doing my work and my research. I like that office space and my colleagues.

Kenneth Palacio-Baus

Kenneth P.

Electrical and Computer Engineering, PhD ’21 | Cuenca, Ecuador

How is UIC preparing you for your future goals? Something I really like about UIC is that it really wants students to succeed. They will put all the tools you need in your hands so that, with the right attitude and desire to achieve your goals, you have the feeling you are in the right place. They care not only about your grades, but also all other important aspects of life.

What is your academic focus within your department? I work on information theory, and my current topic is error exponents on the probability of error of two-way channels.

How (and why) did you choose your faculty advisor? I met my advisor, Dr. Natasha Devroye, during my master’s, which I earned at UIC back in 2011. I admired the impact of her work and her achievements and always viewed her as a mentor and someone to learn from. I remember thinking, “If I go back for a PhD, it has to be under her supervision.” I’m very happy she accepted me as her student and happy to have come back to UIC for my PhD.

What do you hope to be doing 10 years from now? I really like teaching and doing research. In 10 years, I see myself doing larger-impact research and collaborating with people from all around the world.